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Mar 7th 2017

Welcome to Jap-Online!

Welcome to John's Automotive and Performance and

We are here for the the daily driver to the weekend warrior. Johng's Automotive & Performance LLC opened its doors to the everyday automotive enthusiasts of all kinds. The owners of our company participate local auto sport events. This experience gives us the ability to offer our community another great resource for their vehicle needs. Our no pressure buying and core values are outlined on our about page. We strive to provide with an enjoyable experience.

What does JAP mean anyways? Japanese??
To clear the air JAP does not mean just Japanese vehicles. It stands for Johng's Automotive & Performance.

Do you have a storefront or shop??
For now JAP-Online will remain an e-commerce store for now while offering mobile services via events. We plan to open a brick and moated store/shop in the coming year, We wanted to find the best location for our customers to come and enjoy. We are working non stop to fulfill this goal.